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Prishtina Travel
Prishtina Travel

The main language you will hear in the street is Albanian. English is widely spoken in the 3 square kilometre space in the centre of town where internationals and those working for international organizations predominate; the further you go from the centre, the less likely you will be to find English widely spoken. However, most people from Prishtina, especially the youth speaks at least a little English so speaking English, you can get by. Navigating around the city is easy and people are generally receptive to efforts to communicate in broken Albanian and English. it's worth having a stab at Spanish, German or Italian which are spoken by people who pick them up via satellite TV broadcasts, international travellers or both.

No visit to Pristina is complete without a walking tour. To see the city from street-level is best: start off in the Dardania neighborhood, in front of the three-storey portrait of Bill Clinton, and stroll past the university to the Grand Hotel and UNMIK. Follow Nena Tereze street towards the Skenderbeg monument and the new Government Building, then point yourself toward the historic mosques and meander through the tight lanes of the old quarter. You will see street market stalls, kids hawking cigarettes and phone cards, qebabtores and cafes, and the vibrant community life of Kosovo's biggest city. If you have more time, it's also worthwhile wandering up into Dragodan / Arberia or Velania (especially City Park, also referred to as "the Italian park," and the park dedicated to now-deceased President Ibrahim Rugova).
Prishtina Travel

If you like coffee, and have a massive amount of time on your hands, Pristina is the city for you. There are cafes absolutely everywhere, and most of them are packed through the warm season with fashionably-dressed young people, dropping a euro a day to keep themselves amused. Unemployment / underemployment is pervasive throughout Kosovo, and tends to affect people from all walks of life and different levels of education. Which means that dude in the sleeveless tshirt with streaked-blond hair at the table beside you could just as easily be an economist as a farm kid from Kamenicë, so learn to say "Mirëdita" with a passable accent and feel free to start a conversation. What to order? "Macchiato" (espresso with hot milk, similar to the American latte) is the catch-all term for "coffee" throughout Kosovo. Lately, some top-end coffee bars have installed WIFI zones and access to Internet.

Hotels Kosova

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Hotel Swiss Diamond Prishtina

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A Bioenergetic Body Treatment is all you need to bring your body back into balance. Using the famous Piroche Cosmetics, our Wellness Centerintroduces for the first time in Prishtina, the concept that goes beyondtraditional cosmetics for a total revitalisation and rejuvination ofthe skin.And if you want to work out, visit our indoor heated swimming pooland our modern Fitness Center which offers state-of-the-art equipmentand personal trainers.Hotel Swiss Diamond Prishtina

Hotel Emerald
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Hotel Sirius

Hotel Nartel
Hotel Nartel is located in the centre of Pristina and is just a few
minutes away from any of the major government institutions of Kosova.
The hotel offers the most convenient location and excellent customer
service, offers you a warm, genuinely hospitable welcome that makes you
feel instantly at ease and at home as soon as you step through the door.
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kosova Travel

Kosovo declared independence on the 17th of February 2008. The small
south east European state sits between Albania, Macedonia, Serbia and
Montenegro. The capital of the Republic is Prishtina, a city of around
500,000 people. The population of Kosovo exceeds 2 million.

Kosova Travel

Kosovo is a democratic, multi-ethnic and secular Republic, that
incorporates into its Constitution the UN Special Envoy, Martti
Ahtisaari, Comprehensive Proposal for Kosovo Status Settlement. This
plan ensures that the Constitution of the Republic protects and
guarantees rights for all of Kosovo citizens. The support of this
proposal by Kosovar people shows readiness to move on, forgive and
build Kosova Travel.

Kosova Travel is a state that is moving towards European integration, and
will eventually become a member of the European Union. Kosovo has
historically, culturally and socially been part of Europe. The ancient
kingdoms that stood there were at the center of European history well
over 3,000 years ago. Later on, as new world powers emerged and the
world changed, again the nations of south east Europe forged the future
of this continent. Kosova Travel

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